SMC- Sistema de Modelado Costero

  • Dates: Upcoming editions
  • Hours of study: 15 h
  • Price: Variable (see cart)
  • Language: English
  • Mode: On-site
  • Status: Coming soon
  • Requirements:
    • Laptop
    • Basic level: none
    • Advanced level: attendance prior to the basic course
  • Evaluation system: None
  • Type of certificate: Attendance
  • Related courses: IH2VOF

The knowledge acquired with this course will allow the student to:

  • Configure, simulate and analyze a wide variety of cases. Simulate the hydrodynamic processes of the breaker zone and wave interaction with coastal structures, including three-dimensional random sea states and considering conventional or non-conventional coastal structures.
  • Analyze the functionality and stability of coastal structures: wave reflection and transmission, wave run-up on coastal structures, wave dissipation, overtopping discharge, wave-induced forces and moments.
  • Apply advanced techniques such as mesh movement or mesh refinement.

Visualize your results using ParaView® and create videos of them.

IHFOAM 2.0 is a newly developed three-dimensional numerical two-phase flow application specially designed to simulate coastal, offshore and hydraulic engineering processes, based on OpenFOAM®. Different topics will be discussed during the course:

  • Introduction to numerical modeling, wave generation and active wave absorption
  • Methodology from start to finish
  • Advanced mesh generation with native OpenFOAM® tools
  • Applications to 2D and 3D processes:

– Fluid-structure interaction

– Active wave generation and absorption

– Rebase

  • Mesh deformation and dynamic mesh refinement
  • Interaction of waves with porous structures
  • Interaction of waves with floating structures
  • Visualization of computed results using ParaView® and customized analysis tools specially designed for coastal engineering applications