Custom Training

IHCantabria has a long track record in specialized “tailor-made” training on different aspects of the integral water cycle.

Companies, Administrations and International Agencies find an answer to the constant evolution in their demands for technical and professional capacity building in the exclusive design courses, generated and taught by IHCantabria’s researchers.

Flexibility and adaptation to the objectives, goals and requirements of content, duration and organization of the requesting entity represent the main characteristics of this type of courses, aimed at designing customized learning experiences that meet the demand of the public and private sector.

IHCantabria’s portfolio includes:


Transfer courses
and training provided

Face-to-face training activities in the following areas



Taught by


professors and researchers
of IHCantabria


Student assistants

To request the development of a specialized training course in collaboration with IHCantabria, please fill in the following FORM: