Introduction to numerically simulate two-dimensional coastal engineering processes (Group on demand)

  • Dates: Upcoming editions
  • Hours of study: Classroom 16 h, online 20 h
  • Fee: 7000€/up to 5 students (Fees not included)
    NOTE: Course held at the client’s premises.
  • Language: English and/or Spanish
  • Modality: Presential on demand
  • Status: Coming soon
  • Requirements: Laptop
  • Evaluation system: None
  • Type of certificate: Attendance
  • Related courses: IHFOAM


The course is an introduction to two-dimensional numerical modeling of wave-structure interaction, including:

  • Active wave generation and absorption
  • Mesh generation with CORAL
  • Application of IH2VOF to slope dikes
  • Application of IH2VOF to vertical dikes
  • Display of calculated results using IH2VOF-GUI

At the end of the course, the student will be able to:

  • Simulate the hydrodynamic processes of the breaker zone and wave interaction with coastal structures, including random sea states and considering conventional or unconventional multilayer coastal structures.
  • Analyze the functionality and stability of coastal structures: wave reflection and transmission, wave evolution on coastal structures, wave dissipation, overtopping discharge and wave-induced forces and moments.
  • Visualization of results using the IH2VOF-GUI.