Advanced method for numerical regionalization of waves.

  • Dates: Next edition, 2024

  • Study hours:
    14 h

  • Price:
    650€/student (Fees not included)
    Minimum8 people, maximum 20 people.

  • Language:
    Spanish / English

  • Mode:
    Face-to-face / blended
  • Status: Coming soon

  • Requirements:
    Mandatory, laptop or desktop computer.Desirable, notions of post-processing with Matlab / Python type scientific programs, as well as notions in wave mechanics, spectral and statistical wave analysis, wave propagation processes and numerical models of wave propagation.

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Large-scale deep-water (hourly) wave reanalysis databases (>30 years and 0.1°-1° spatial resolution) provide valuable information for wave climate research and ocean applications. However, coastal studies need a more detailed spatial resolution (50-500 m), including wave transformation processes in shallow water. The regionalization (or downscaling) method is usually solved by applying the hour-by-hour SWAN wave propagation model (Booij et al. 1999), which requires a high effort in CPU time.

The IHPropaga strategy brings together the global framework for regionalizing wave re-analysis to coastal areas, drastically reducing the effort in CPU time (approximately 1000 times) by using a hybrid methodology (Camus et al. 2013), which combines numerical models (dynamic scaling) and mathematical tools (statistical scaling).

The GUI easily handles all SWAN configuration requirements, including pre- and post-processes related to: bathymetry, mesh creation (structured and/or unstructured), clustering (selection of a subset of numerical simulations and the definition of the wave transfer function incorporating the dependence on wave spatial variability and non-uniform wind forces), batch run control, reconstruction algorithm and general wave climate analysis including wave spectra and wave propagation maps (formats: *.jpg, *.fig, *.vtk).

With this 2-day course, students will be able to obtain a reliable wave re-analysis in one working day.