Closing of MOOCs 1, 2 and 3 of the Training Itinerary: Adaptation pathways to climate change through management and restoration of estuarine ecosystems (ADAPTA BLUES)

Socioeconomic development is threatened by the loss of global biodiversity and ecosystem resilience as a consequence of global change. Achieving sustainability, ensuring biodiversity conservation and the provision of ecosystem services is therefore of vital importance to our society, especially in the current context of climate change.

Risk management requires improving our understanding of how, what and where climate change adaptation measures should be applied and how Nature-based Solutions (NBS) can help us maximize the natural capacity of estuarine ecosystems to adapt to the effects of climate change while enhancing biodiversity conservation.

Why study this pathway?

The training program will equip trainees with the basic knowledge to design and implement Nature-based Solutions (NBS) in estuaries. This will include specific training on key principles related to estuarine ecosystem services, risk assessments and governance in the coastal environment.

Next edition: January 2025


Jun 15 2024


12:55 pm - 12:55 pm
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